Back Pain

What Should You Do For Your Back Pain?

Back Pain

There are many sources of pain and dysfunction that can occur in your back. If one of the muscles or joints or nerves are injured or inflamed, it will become very painful. If not properly dealt with, the back pain can be very difficult to correct.

Your spine is made up of 24 bones that are connected to muscles and ligaments that create the spinal column. It gives the body its form and function, and it also holds and protects the soft and delicate spinal cord.

If the spine becomes injured, it will cause chronic back pain and dysfunction.

Abnormal motion in the spine can impinge the nerves that pass between the vertebrae. This is called the Subluxation Complex. Often the problem is silent and eventually leads to irreversible damage to the spine. Imagine a car with a front-end alignment problem, one wheel not tracking like the other three. That wheel will wear abnormally, and the performance of the entire car will be affected. The driver is often unaware of the problem until they notice that one tire is wearing out faster and in a different way to the other tires.

If you are ever in doubt about the severity and symptoms of pain or feelings of restriction that you are experiencing, it is always important to see your chiropractor immediately for a proper analysis and care options.

Top 10 Signs You Need To See A Chiropractor For Back Pain:

lower back pain

  1. Your back pain began because of a trauma, such as a car accident, or a slip and fall.
  2. Your pain or discomfort is persistent.
  3. You are experiencing severe pain at night.
  4. You have weakness in your legs.
  5. Constant pain that is getting worse.
  6. Numbness in the inner thighs or buttock.
  7. Tingling in the legs.
  8. You are having bowel problems.
  9. Problems with balance.
  10. When you bend or flex the back, the pain becomes worse.

Quite often I hear people talking about “normal pain”. Just so we are all on the same page, pain is never “normal”. It is always the tool your body uses to tell us that something is wrong. More importantly, PAIN IS NEVER THE PROBLEM. Our society is very, VERY symptom-based. Pay attention to the next drug commercial that pops up on your TV. The drug does not even pretend to correct the cause of the symptom. It only helps to alleviate the discomfort of the symptom. It is vital to know where your symptom is coming from, then the correction of the cause can be addressed. If you experience frequent or chronic symptoms, then it would be wise to have your spine and nerve system checked by your chiropractor.

Back pain should not keep you from living your everyday life or stop you from doing the activities that you enjoy. Recognizing symptoms early on will help you to take a proactive step towards optimizing your spine health.

How Will Your Chiropractor Help With Back Pain?

chiropractic help for back pain

There are many reasons people come into our office, even though your symptoms may be very different, we always take our time to listen to your story and concerns. We then complete a thorough examination, and X-rays to diagnose the specific cause of your pain.

Once a diagnosis has been made, we will then be able to put together a specialized care plan that will remove the cause of your pain.

We may utilize a combination of specific spinal adjustments, vibration therapy, and specific home exercises to help you heal quickly and optimally.

Some of the spinal correction techniques may include:

  • Drop Table Technique is a gentle, table assisted adjustment that involves light drop force to correct the position of the bones in the spine.
  • Instrument-Assisted Adjustment uses a hand-held instrument to allow your chiropractor to apply force without thrusting into the spine.
  • Specific spinal adjustment helps restore joint movement using a gentle thrusting technique.

With these techniques and exercises, we are able to restore mobility to the joints and help restore normal function to the spine and nerve system.

The goal of chiropractic care is to not only relieve your back pain, but to improve the health of the person as a whole. We might educate you on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle goals in addition to correcting your spine.

With chiropractic care, you will also learn how to prevent your condition from getting worse as well as how to prevent problems in the future.

Choosing The Best Chiropractor For Your Needs

Living Pain Free

If you begin to notice any of the previously mentioned symptoms of back pain, it is important for your health to contact your chiropractor as soon as possible.

Dr. David Newsham has over 19 years of experience providing care for thousands of people with their health concerns. With his years of experience and training, he will provide you with an exceptional level of chiropractic care.

With many speciality tools at his disposal, along with a team that is highly skilled, we have a fantastic chance of helping you recover from the problem you have.

If you are suffering from back pain, do not wait to contact an experienced chiropractor, and work together to find a lasting solution.