exercise for your health

The Benefits Of Regular Exercise

At Academy Chiropractic Center we are excited to help you learn how to start living a more physically active lifestyle. We will only touch on a few of them, but regular physical activity has so many amazing benefits.

  • lower blood pressure.
  • raises your metabolism rate, and helps control your weight.
  • reduce hyperglycemia (excess blood sugar).
  • reduce hyperlipidemias (high cholesterol).
  • reduce the risk of coronary artery disease.
  • increases bone density, and helps prevent or delay osteoporosis.
  • reduce the muscle loss normally associated with ageing.
  • enhance muscle strength and stamina.
  • increase joint flexibility.
  • dramatically reduces stress, anxiety, and episodes of depression.
  • increase energy levels.
  • enhance self-image.
  • improve relaxation and sleeping better.
  • improves your overall quality of life.

And don’t forget to bring along your friends and family with you; there’s strength and encouragement in numbers. Plus, physically active parents will model healthy lifestyle behaviours for their children. Research shows physically active children, become physically active adults.

With good chiropractic care, healthy eating and physical activity, many of our patients have eliminated (or dramatically reduced) their dependency on prescription medications (and their numerous side-effects).

What other “prescription” costs so little, and yet has so much potential? It’s all-natural, and the only side-effects are the benefits you will receive.

Life is great, chiropractic care makes it even better, and it doesn’t get any better than this!

Getting Started With Your Home Exercises

Your whole individualized exercise program is so important to getting the maximum benefits from the chiropractic spinal adjusts you are receiving. These exercises are designed to help you maintain these adjustments.

It is important to do all your exercises correctly. Please follow these videos carefully, and do it right to help avoid any injuries.

Unpacking Your Home Exercise Equipment

Included in your package is the instruction sheet. Please ask if you are not clear on how to do your exercises properly! 204‑985‑6750.


 1. Wobble Exercise

Warm up your spine on the wobble disk. Moving side-to-side, forward and backwards, and rotations.

 2. Standing Cervical Traction

This cervical traction pull can be done 2 ways, and are for restoring your normal cervical motion.


 3. Alar Ligament Exercise

Structural Correction Exercises, Alar Ligament. This is an isometric exercise if you have instability in your upper cervical spine.

 4. Cervical Flexion Exercise

While laying facedown, place your cervical roll under your eyebrows. Press straight down and hold.

 5. Cervical Dorsal Exercise

This is a neck strengthening exercise to help tighten the muscles either on the right or left side of the neck. Place your hand on the side of your head, above the ear, while your head is in a neutral position. Slowly tilt your head to the side, like you are trying to bring your ear down to touch your shoulder, while resisting with your hand.

 6. Cervical Extension Exercise

Interlace your fingers and bring them behind your head. Looking up, but against resistance.

 7. Cervical Traction Pull

This cervical traction pull can be done 2 ways, and is for restoring your normal cervical motion.


 8. Chest Expander Exercise

   This video is currently unavailable.

 9. Praying Mantis Exercise

Put your hands together and elbows together. Lift as high as you can, and as hard as you can. Start out at about 45 seconds.


10. Psoas Stretch

This is a muscle stretching exercise. With your leg raised, leaning forward and head up (good posture), now stretch that muscle and hold.

11. Psoas Lift

   This video is currently unavailable.

12. Lumbar Extension Exercise

This exercise will help increase the curve in your back. In a seated position, grab your knees and pull, increasing the arch in your back. Hold for 45 seconds, increasing to a minute and a half.

13. L-5 Spondylo Exercise

   This video is currently unavailable.


14. Head Weighting

This is the head weight exercise. It is a reactive exercise for developing a better posture. Always keep your head upright and eyes on the horizon. Do not do any activity that will have your head looking down.

15. Body Weighting

   This video is currently unavailable.


16. Pelvic Rotation Blocking

This exercise helps take the rotation out of the pelvis. Start out to what you can tolerate. You do not go past any pain or discomfort. The maximum amount of time on these wedges is 20 minutes.

17. Decreased SB/Posterior L-5 Blocking

   This video is currently unavailable.

18. Increased SB/Anterior L-5 Blocking

   This video is currently unavailable.

19. Posterior T-12 Blocking

   This video is currently unavailable.

20. Progressive Rolls - Cervical

This cervical roll (the larger of the two rolls) is designed as a sleeping aide. You should try to start out for about 20 minutes for this, then hopefully you will eventually be able to fall asleep on the roll.

21. Progressive Rolls - Lumbar

This lumbar roll (the smaller of the two rolls) is also designed as a sleeping aide. You should try to start out for about 20 minutes for this, then hopefully you will eventually be able to fall asleep on both the cervical and lumbar rolls.