Numbness and tingling in your arms or legs

Numbness and Tingling in Your Arms or Legs?

Do You Have Numbness and Tingling in Your Arms / Legs?

Numbness and Tingling

For almost 20 years Dr. Newsham has been serving the Winnipeg area, providing corrective chiropractic care. If you are experiencing any tingling sensations or numbness in your arms and legs, we may be able to help. You may recall this feeling after waking up from a deep night’s sleep, in which your arm feels “asleep” and then tingles as the blood flow returns. Unlike those feelings which are typically felt briefly, lasting arm or leg tingling and numbness is often a sign of a pinched nerve in your neck or back.

Dr. Newsham evaluates the structure of your spine to determine if a misalignment or disc issue is interfering with nerves that send information to your arms and legs. If so, our Dr. Newsham determines which technique best meets your needs to reduce pain and restore healthy function and nerve signal flow.

Chiropractors and Pinched Nerves

These feelings are a signal that the nerves in your back are unable to get the proper connection to your arms and legs. Often, this occurs when a vertebra has shifted and is placing pressure on the nerve that exits your spine and sends signals to your extremities. Other times, the disc that rests between the vertebrae may be swollen or ruptured and interfering with the nerve.

Dr. Newsham gently adjusts your spine to release the vertebrae and remove pressure off the nerve. This also allows the bones in your spine to move properly and reduces pressure on the nerve. As a result, your pain is decreased and the tingling and numbing sensations lessen. Our corrective care approach is lasting and effective. This includes an examination, X-rays, and review, to determine your specific needs. In-office functional movement, and adjustments are given, as well as specific home exercises to aid in holding your adjustments. Dr. Newsham may suggest other techniques such as massage therapy to improve circulation to your extremities and ease your discomfort.

Chiropractors and Pinched Nerves

You do not have to live with weak, numb or tingling arms and legs. These feelings, in addition to pain, affect the way you move, work, sleep and play. Dr. Newsham evaluates your spine to determine the source of your discomfort and then uses gentle chiropractic techniques to help you recover quickly.

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If you are ever in doubt about the severity and symptoms of pain or feelings of restriction that you are experiencing, it is always important to see your chiropractor immediately for a proper analysis and care options.