Headaches are no fun on a sunny day!


Have you experienced one of those “mind crushing, temple pounding headaches”? Has it ever been too sunny, and you wished your sunglasses blocked the same amount of light as a welders mask?  Do you remember the pain starting in the back of your neck, then spreading through your head to the back of your eyes? Has the throbbing ever become so intense that it became hard to function? Have you ever been told you are having a migraine?

If have you have experienced this debilitating pain, you’re like millions of Canadians, suffering from headaches or migraines. What many don’t know, and what I hope you will discover, is that a safe and effective corrective care may provide lasting relief. 

A skilled chiropractic adjustment may be your answer to a normal, effective life. The intelligence behind a chiropractic treatment lies in the chiropractor knowing where to find the block, or subluxation, combined with a body-friendly adjustment.

Medical science validates that your nervous system provides essential energy to all of your organs. Your brain being the central organ in your entire body needs to be supplied with sustained nerve flow. Misaligned vertebrae can irritate the sensitive nerves and block crucial information to your brain. The necessary feedback, from body-to-brain is broken by these misalignments (subluxations).

Corrective adjustments to the subluxated segments are performed every day by chiropractors, giving patients pain relief. The unique, and complicated condition, known as migraine headaches, still have an unknown etiology. What is known and proven to provide relief that surrounds this exhausting condition, is a skilled chiropractic adjustment.

As you know, the migraine cascade may include nausea and vomiting, dizziness and loss of appetite. These accompanying symptoms, along with visual disturbances, leave your body feeling numb and fatigued. Are you tired of experiencing a barrier to life?

Let’s look a little deeper into how corrective care has helped thousands of people. Have you ever seen a flickering lightbulb? If the wire that supplies the lightbulb is misaligned, or frayed, it’s obvious that the bulb is losing energy.


Just like the kinked wire to the light bulb, when your body’s nerves are knotted your organs, are constantly depleted. Free flowing nerve energy provides electrical nutrition to every organ and ultimately every cell in your body. How do you feel when you are hungry, and your stomach is growling? This is how your organs feel when they are starving. Your brain interprets hunger as pain.

Free flowing nerve energy may provide freedom from pain and your ticket to living a normal, vibrant life. A skilled chiropractor analyzes your body like a blind person reads braille. They identify areas of tension, inflammation, and misalignment, and relieve it with gentle adjustments.

A corrective care chiropractor is not merely intent on getting rid of the offending headache, or symptom, but to improve the overall function of the person. Therefore, it may be necessary to have some frank discussions about vital nutrition, exercise, ergonomics, and specific home stretching programs.  In this busy world, it is important that we create an easy-to-follow protocol for your health improvement needs.

Do you want to experience abundant life without the anchor of poor function? Relief from headaches and migraines is a reality. You can live a vibrant life the way you were meant to experience it. If you would like to schedule a consultation or evaluation please call the office or click the button below.

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Jessica quickly had reduced frequency and duration of her migraines when starting in our office!


Here is a review from one of our happy patrons!

I have been a migraine sufferer for years, knowing good health and mental wellness was important, I did not realize how important your spine was.  This clinic was the perfect fit!  The assessment of my spinal situation was amazing and very informative. An adjustment plan was put into place, as well as stretches for homework!!  This clinic is by far, a lifesaver!!  I followed the instructions from Dr. Dave and it changed my life.  I experienced 80 percent fewer migraines!!  The front staff make each visit pain free with the ability to bring my kids.  I strongly suggest a visit!




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Dr. Dave has been practicing at the Academy Chiropractic Centre since 1999. Dr. Dave has helped thousands of people over the years, not only improve or regain their health, but to understand the concepts necessary to maintain their health for the rest of their lives.

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