For those who have experienced the symptoms associated with sciatica, or disc herniation, anything that can provide relief is a godsend.  As terrible as sciatica or nerve pain can be, they begin (usually years earlier) as small misalignments of the vertebrae that generate no immediate feeling of pain. The spine is meant to be flexible and allow smooth motion of 24 small bones. The trouble begins when any of those bones move out of alignment for a sustained period of time. This is called the subluxation complex.  Degenerative changes begin around subluxations that do not radiate immediate pain but slowly begin to deteriorate and decay the vital pieces of a fluid nervous system. 

Many people understandably turn to Chiropractic for relief from neck or back pain. But true understanding of the power of Chiropractic care unlocks limitless potential for better health that extends far beyond neck and back relief. Nervous system care also provides immeasurable benefits for sciatica and other painful conditions that produce shock-like symptoms and physical discomfort throughout the body. Millions of people turn to dangerous drugs or eventual surgeries to alleviate pain and symptoms because they know of no other options. The current opioid crisis is changing the way medical doctors treat these conditions, and are beginning to see the benefit of Chiropractic for treating disc herniations, sciatica, or radiating arm and leg pain.

Research from 2014 focused on a group of adults suffering from back pain, moderate to severe leg pain, and MRI confirmed disc herniation. The patients receiving low back adjustments from a Chiropractor achieved extraordinary results. Nearly 80% of patients reported clinically substantial improvement after one month of care. An overwhelming 90% reported substantial relief from back pain, leg pain, and disc herniation following six months of low back spinal adjustments.

Chiropractic delivers results in an age where science and research elevate and substantiate a healthy standard of care. Chiropractic care continues to be the largest drug free healing profession in the world and remains available to everyone.

The best time to have your spine checked is before you develop problems, but symptoms like numbness, tingling, or pain can be telling signs that subluxations are worsening.  If you feel these problems, don’t “hope” they go away, get your spine spine analyses as soon as possible.  For more information click here.


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