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Sleep Challenge

Are you testing positive for COVID-15?  The 15 pounds that have found their way onto your scale over the last few months!  Even if you haven’t, would you benefit from incremental improvements in your health? I am going to be forwarding a number of 10 Day Challenges, nothing outrageous, just little challenges. If you choose to participate, these will be minor changes to your lifestyle, but I am convinced that a number of minor changes over time will add up to enormous changes in your health and function.  Are you up for the Challenge?

The first phase of the Challenge is foundational, we need a solid foundation to build our future improvements on.  Although they are all just tiny steps, they ALL REQUIRE YOUR EFFORT!!!  Just do it – no excuses!


We need sleep!  Not just a bit of it either, 7-8 hours of good, deep sleep is essential for healing and repair.  Most of us are not getting nearly enough of it!  Lack of sleep can have an effect on your judgment, mood, ability to learn and retain information and possibly increase your risk of serious accidents and injuries.  Chronic sleep deprivation can increase your chances of developing diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and even early death!  Though we are not doing anything specifically to lose weight, I would like you to hop on a scale before you start this Challenge.  Weight is easy to measure, so it’s one thing we can track.  You may have a goal of losing weight, which is fine, but goals are only as good as the steps you take to achieve them. This Challenge is the first of many steps to move you to a better state of health and function.  It may only be a 10-day challenge, but the idea is to have these steps morph into your daily habits.  When that happens, your life will transform into something special! 

Here’s the first Challenge:


You know you want more of it, you know you feel like you’re dragging a pallet of bricks when you don’t get enough. Don’t just assume you are sleeping well, and definitely don’t give up hope that you CAN sleep better.

This is the plan to improve your sleep, this is the investment in a little time and effort in your plan, stick to the plan, and do it RELIGIOUSLY for 10 days.

Before you start:

  1. Get a blank notebook, you will be using it a lot! PRINT THE HABIT TRACKER!
  2. Weigh-in, if you can, use a scale that gives your body fat, lean mass, and visceral fat percentages. Write it down!
  3. Measure your waist right at the belly button line. Write it down!
  4. If you have a glucose tester,  test your morning blood glucose levels before eating.  Write it down!
  5. Just for fun, and not to share…. take a picture of your face in the morning to compare with the morning of the 11th day. Once with eyes open and once closed.


1. No caffeine after 3 pm.

2. Drink 3 litres of water per day.  Know what a litre of water looks like!

3. Add EXTRA sea salt to all food you eat. Not table salt!

4. De-clutter your bedroom.

5. Make sure the room is as DARK as possible.

6. Stop all electronics at LEAST 30 minutes (60 is better) before you lay down to go to sleep. (YES, that includes your phone, iPad, and TV!).

7. Take a cold shower in the morning.

8. Wear comfy pajamas.

9. Keep the room 19.5° Celsius or lower at night.

10. Drink a warm herbal tea (Chamomile is my favorite….and no caffeine) one hour before bed.

11. Take 3 minutes, just 3 minutes and breathe in for a 5 second count and breath out for a 5 second count in a quiet place while sitting and calm…..suggested 2 hours before bed.

12. Add one whole avocado to your daily food in any way you like.


A. Grounding. Use a grounding mat while sleeping and getting ready for bed.

B. Magnesium. Take it throughout the day, not just before bed. Be generous with it….if it affects your bowels, back it down a bit.

C. Lavender Scent. Use a natural lavender scent (oil, cream, candle) in the couple hours before bed.

Take one day to plan, prep, start a journal, and make sure you set yourself up for success and start fully ready. DON’T OVER PLAN – ACTION IS WHAT CREATES CHANGE!

Do this no matter what for the next 10 days. NO MATTER WHAT!

Report back to me here (dr.dave@mts.net), or in a private message what the outcome is.

Oh, and the cost for this challenge is $0.00, the investment in your time is minor, yet the reward may be significant.  There is NO downside, so just do it!

This sleep program has been modified from one shared by Dr. Don Clum who can be found on Facebook.

Published by Dr. Dave

Dr. Dave has been practicing at the Academy Chiropractic Centre since 1999. Dr. Dave has helped thousands of people over the years, not only improve or regain their health, but to understand the concepts necessary to maintain their health for the rest of their lives.