Staying Hydrated — Staying Healthy

We need to stay hydrated to keep us going, so that we can feel and perform at our very best.

Water Makes Up About 60% of Your Body.

The Best Ways to Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated

The average adult should be consuming about 2 litres of water per day, 70-80% of that should be sourced from water. The remainder of your water will come from the foods you eat. Foods that are high in water content include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, cucumbers, bell peppers, lettuce, radishes, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon and zucchinis. This is a ‘win-win’ situation for you when you also get the nutritional value from these foods.

When the temperatures rise and the summer heat hits, getting enough to drink is important whether you’re playing sports, travelling or just sitting in the sun. And it’s also critical for your heart health. Keeping your body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles. And, it helps the muscles work efficiently.

If You Get Thirsty, You’re Already Dehydrated

However, when exercising, you should be conscious of how much water you are losing through sweat and waste, particularly as vigorous exercise can be demanding on your body, if not replaced, a significant loss of water can result in serious implication for your health and performance.

The Bottom Line Is …

Staying hydrated is extremely important for your overall health. As long as you’re eating plenty of water-rich foods and drinking lots of water when you feel thirsty, you won’t have a problem staying properly hydrated.

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